About Lynne’s trip

On Febraury8, 2010, Dr. Lynne M. Cooper began a 20+ hour journey to Gulu, Uganda to stay with the Sisters of St. Joseph (CSJ) there.  She arranged the trip with her good friend Sister JoAnn Geary, CSJ, and she would stay with the sisters in Africa for a full month.  Her goal was to help them build residences for workers at a clinic they run, but she also wanted to see more of Africa (having been there several years prior) and its people (mostly the Acholi in the area).

Lynne made the journey and found herself very isolated from the rest of the world.  Lynne battled the intense heat, performed a lot of manual labor, and made many new friends.  She was in Uganda during a huge mudslide, too.

She returned home to the USA on March 9, 2010, and has carried her experiences in Africa with her in body and spirit.  She is eternally grateful for the CSJ and for the locals for being excellent hosts.

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