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Doorways annual dinner

Dr. Lynne M. Cooper lives in St. Louis, Missouri and is the CEO and President of Doorways Interfaith AIDS Housing and Services.  Her interest in HIV/AIDS began during her pastoral care residency at Southern Baptist Hospital in New Orleans in 1985.  In 1988, she and others founded Doorways, an Interfaith AIDS Residence Program to address the housing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.  She became Executive Director in 1989 and President 1996.  Doorways provides housing and care for 1000 households affected with HIV/AIDS each year, has an annual operating budget of $6 million, and has brought over $50 million of competitive federal housing dollars to Missouri.

Beginning with four apartments in 1988, today Doorways offers:

  • Rent, mortgage, and utility assistance to over 400 households each month
  • Apartments for 280 people, (including 80 children!)
  • Residential care for 36 persons too ill to live independently, but not needing hospitalization, in Missouri’s first licensed residential care facility for persons with AIDS
  • Programs for AIDS housing in outstate Missouri and Illinois

Doorways has been recognized with numerous housing, historic preservation and best practice awards, including HUD’s Gold Star for Community Partners and the MetLife Foundation’s Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing.

Lynne has served on numerous state and national boards including President Clinton’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. She currently serves on the boards of the National AIDS Housing Coalition, Women of Achievement and the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund.  She has volunteered at The Women’s Safe House and assisted in the startup of The Community Wellness Project.  Lynne’s humanitarian work has reached many corners of the U.S. and several countries in Africa.

Lynne was recognized as a Woman of Worth by the Older Women’s League, with the Administrator’s Citation from the Health Care Financing Administration and with the Founders’ Award from her Alma Mater, Fontbonne University. She also received the Initiative Award from Africans United Against AIDS Globally and the Sandra T. Spiritas Red Ribbon Lifetime Achievement Award from the AIDS Foundation of St. Louis.

Lynne holds a Master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Eden Seminary.

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